A Sensual Latin Dance from the Dominican Republic

Bachata is a sensual Latin dance from the Dominican Republic that emphasizes connecting with the music and one’s partner. Originally this music and dance developed from the poorer communities and the music revealed common themes about desperation and love. The music and dance has evolved with popularity; there is traditional music that includes distinct sounds of bongos, guira, and guitar from the Island that tends to be playful, as well as moderns sounds influenced by pop and R&B that has grown in popularity with younger generations. In turn this progressive music and dance has evolved into a sensual, romantic movement. Bachata is a dance that has significantly grown in popularity in the Minneapolis area within the last few years. Students are emotionally drawn to this beautiful Latin dance for it’s unique movement and style. We offer various levels of classes and styles of bachata.

Bachata Music links:

Three different types of bachata music: your classical, more modern and then your pop covers

Bachata social dance links:

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