Eda Marshall started dancing in high school with her dance team, continuing her pursuit of knowledge and exposure to dancing afterwards at Zenon School of Dance in Minneapolis, training in jazz, modern, and hip-hop. She was introduced to social dancing when Byron Johnson asked her to assist teaching Salsa at Social Dance Studio. In short time, she became an exceptional follow and a unique and sought-after Salsa dancer in the community. When Joy Davina asked her to become an instructor, she couldn't resist.

Eda began teaching at Social Dance Studio in 2013 and continues to venture into new dance styles to expand her knowledge and experience of dance. Shy and quiet in social situations, Eda has a hidden vibrant personality that comes out naturally in her dancing. Her innate sense of movement, variety of dance training, and exceptional following skills make her a unique resource for students looking to enhance their social leading and following skills.

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