Salsa is an energetic, fast and popular Latin dance that can be sassy, sexy and classy. Top 3 reasons to learn Salsa

  1. Great social activity! Salsa is the most popular Latin dance so you’ll always be able to find places to social dance and people to dance with. Salseros are a friendly bunch too, both here in Minneapolis and nationally and internationally.
  2. Its good for your health. Learning to dance is a great way to improve for coordination, posture and balance. It’s a fun way to exercise both your body AND your brain, too.
  3. Salsa makes you feel sexy and builds confidence. Salsa dancing and salsa music have tons of flavor and attitude and its hard not to feel confident when you’re dancing around the floor to that. How often do you get a chance to practice being sexy and confident? In salsa class, its ENCOURAGED!

Salsa at Duende
At Duende, we teach On1 and On2 salsa. These two types of salsa are similar because they are danced in a line. Our group classes and workshop are taught On1 unless otherwise specified. On1 salsa is the most popular style danced in Minneapolis – and the US – making it the most useful to learn. On2 is danced to the same rhythm and music and has similar patterns to On1 salsa, but you start your basic on a different count. We suggested learning On2 only after you master On1. All of our instructors are proficient in both styles – we teach and dance both socially. If you’re interested in learning On2, keep an eye out for specialty workshops and classes or contact the studio about setting up a private or semi-private lesson.

Quick History of Salsa
According to Wikipedia, “Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in New York with strong influences from Latin America, particularly Cuba and Puerto Rico, in the mid-1970’s.” Although salsa dancing originated in New York, it evolved from popular Cuban and Latin American dances such as Son, Cuban Cha Cha Cha and Cuban Mambo. The dance has grown and developed, along with the music, incorporating strong Afro-Cuban influences and even some Swing dance and Hustle elements. There are two main categories of salsa music – Salsa Dura or “classic salsa” which usually has a hard-driving beat and Salsa Romantica which has a softer sound.

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