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Salsa On2 Footwork Level 3

Student should have a strong foundation of the basic steps of Salsa ON2 (aka NY style) Understand the timing and be able to more comfortably through footwork and turns. The class will consist of introduction to contributing rhythms of Salsa, footwork drills and patterns, body movement and styling, along with theory on how to use movement to interpret the music. The student should be of an Improving level or higher understanding. This is a mixed level class. There will be something to challenge everyone participating.


Salsa Footwork Fundamentals

Introduction to understanding the rhythm and basic steps of Salsa. Basic footwork variations of footwork patterns and movements. No experience necessary.


Salsa Footwork Level 2

Salsa footwork patterns and drills to reinforce understanding of Salsa rhythms, footwork variations and body movement. Student should know the basic steps of Salsa and be able to execute left and right turns comfortably. Student will learn, new patterns, footwork shapes, introduction to rhythm changes, some isolations and body movement. (This would be comparable to Improving level on our previous schedule)


Salsa Footwork Level 3

Salsa footwork patterns and drills emphasizing fundamentals with styling added in. More complex patterns and rhythm changes with musical interpretation. New patterns taught with multiple variations to suit Intermediate to Advanced level dancers. Body movement and isolations will also be added. (This class is for Intermediate or higher level dancers)


Bachata Footwork Fundamentals

Understanding the basic steps, timing and rhythm of Bachata. Learning to execute basic turns and other rotations. Introduction to rhythm change and body movement. No experience necessary.


Bachata Footwork Level 2

Student should know the Bachata basic steps, be able to execute turns, and be able to move comfortably to the basic rhythm. They will learn to create new shapes, turn variations, and to combine steps into new patterns. Body movement will also be introduced. (Student should be at Improving level or higher)

*Salsa Improving (Partners): Prerequisite Salsa Beginning Level partnerwork series.

*Salsa Intermediate (Partners): Prerequisite 4+ months of Salsa Improving Level partnerwork series.

*Bachata Improving (Partners): Prerequisite Bachata Beginning Level partnerwork series.